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The bad relationship between Volkswagen and Suzuki

According to a report ofnbsp;Japan’s Kyodo news agency,moncler vest Japan Suzuki motor company chairman and President Suzuki has held a press conference in Tokyo, he announced that the company has decided to remove the business relationship with German car company Volkswagen. Suzuki will inform the decision to Volkswagen in next few days, and Suzuki will publish his speech soon.

Based on the car industry increasingly competitive situation, the two companies have originally planned to launch capital business cooperation with each other, for the purpose of against other large cars companies. But as Suzuki was not satisfied with Volkswagen took a lot of measures on Suzuki company. The reason leads to the two companies will end up their capital business cooperation.

Suzuki said: quot;Volkswagen indicates they understand Suzuki’s independence before,mulberry but then we realize their understand style is getting worse and worse. If we just let it go on, probably it will become a stumbling block to Suzuki business. quot;
Suzuki and Volkswagen established their business relationship on December 2009, the relationship based on Volkswagen purchased Suzuki 19. 9% stock shares. They had planed that Volkswagen provides hybrids, diesel engine, and other aspects of the environmental protection technology, and through Suzuki cheap and small cars to reach the multiplier effect moncler uk

Suzuki thinks they should have an equal relationship with each other, but this year’s annual report of Volkswagen released that Suzuki can bring a great extent affect, and Suzuki is an applicable enterprise for Volkswagen, the action was published on March and it made Suzuki dissatisfaction. Because they think the report shows they do not have an equal relationship.

Suzuki hasnbsp;signed another agreement to buy diesel engines with Italian cars companies on June. Volkswagen published a statement recently, they said: Suzuki this action against the cooperation agreement. It seems to remove the cooperation relationship is not that easy.moncler women coats

Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain:People without Hobby is Devil

nbsp;Even if you have not any interest in the love of the film, you can also watch it with fascinated. We can treat the whole film as a record of Frankenstein-like row and a complete dictionary of mischievous looks.
The people Emily had helped are as following: Battue who had been estranged from his daughter for many years, the colleague in the restaurant, the lovelorn man Joseph, the landlady who had been betrayed by her husband, the lonely old artist, the frustrated writer, the clerk in the fruit and vegetable store who had been often in end of disappointment, honest and loved of Diana, as well as her own father who was lack of enjoyment of life and so on. Among these persons, there are strangers, colleagues, neighbors, relatives, the intersection between them is small, but they all have one thing in common: they are undoubtedly lonely. And these lonely people, including the young girl Emily, all have some strange hobbies or funs, such as pinching the bubble on the plastic bubble, bursting in the hole on the leaves of potted plants, collecting stone tablets to dap over the surface of the water, inserting hands into the beans, collecting the discarded pieces of ID photos, taking pictures of the footprint, to watch the injured bullfighter, to see the athletes of failure, painting a Renoir painting once a year, eating chicken meat from the spine meat of the chicken and so on. These preferences or eccentricities seemed quite absurd, are out of the quot;evolutionquot; by those lonely people to fight with the loneliness, and are to allow themselves a little calm and a little better when they are bite by loneliness. The French writer Balzac had said: A person who simply does not have any hobby is the devil. Yes, it is true, because the devil is without loneliness, without problems specified by human.

Léon: Protection is the Way I Love You

nbsp;In the French film quot;Leacute;onquot;,facebook rayban at the ending of the stairs full of rotations, there is a girl uninhibited smoking a cigarette, pretending to be mature accosted, seemed waiting for someone. The start is often in inadvertent. He knew that as the identity of him own, it is best not to provoke the group of evil police, which are no more than even the mad dogs. However, in the face of the begging of Mathilde as soon, he again began to melt his cold heart. The door opening, Leon welcomed into the Mathilde, giving her a safe haven, but also giving a chance of redemption to his own lonely heart.moncler sale
Thus, the wizard-like maturity and childish stubborn girl would tie in Leon’s life, and refused to leave forever. She stubbornly asked him to help her to avenge for her little brother, stubbornly asked him to teach her to quot;clean upquot;, stubbornly asked him to love her and care about her, and stubbornly completed the transformation of his life. The rational mind told Leon that a killer could not have any feeling. He must kill her. However, his heart has been shaken. His life was not only to kill and merely a basin of epipremnum aureum anymore. He really loved her, and he could rush into the police station alone just for her, dealing with a hundred agents alone just for her.moncler online Until to death, He still had not forgotten to revenge for Mathilde, while buried self in the roaring sound.
His love is so deep. A teenage girls just like a wizard, a cold man at his thirties or forties years old; an angel ready to hear the call of the Lord, a devil with his both hands stained full of the blood. . . . . . No matter of any point, there is a divide that could not cross.moncler sale